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Coach Naja chats with Tamron Hall about unconventional families and welcoming stepparents.
Life Coach Naja Hall lends her expertise on Fox Soul with Claudia Jordan on her hit show Out Loud. The panel discusses toxic coparents, healing from divorce, and the current state of the world.
Master Stepfamily Coach, Naja Hall makes an appearance on the Today Show. She chats on stepmotherhood and how to overcome common challenges.

Naja Hall is the Coach you’ve been looking for. She’s one of the smartest, most inspirational people you’ll ever meet and she’ll change your life (and your perspective) for the better!

Brenda Ockun

StepMom Magazine Founder & Publisher

Thanks for stopping by my online hub.

Since launching Blended and Black in 2016, it has grown into the largest community for millenials in stepfamilies. My podcast, I Know I’m Crazy is a leader in the Family & Kids category on iTunes. And I’ve amassed a community of about 100,000+ via my social media, private email list, and curated events. In 2019, I had a wildly successful launch of VIPStepmom, a membership website for women that are in relationships with men with kids.

My 1st love is laughter, so I keep my comedic chops fresh by writing, directing and producing my rom-com, Dating Debacles. The series of short stories has received critical acclaim and most recently won Viewer’s Choice in the Brooklyn Film Festival.

I also launched NajaHallBeauty in 2022. Aging is such a beautiful process but aging well takes intention. My makeup and skincare line is for ageless humans.

 My life’s work is to teach empathy, accountability, and emotional intelligence through the art of story-telling and genuine human connections. I’ve been blessed with the gift of a vivid imagination and the ability to connect with people. I use my personal life experiences and the stories of others to create moments that bridge the gaps of humanity.

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VIP Stepmom

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Blended and Black

The largest support community for people in step families

My personal lifestyle blog for modern domestic women

Dating Debacles

A comedic web-series about a NY transplant looking for love
"If you really want to change the world, go home and love your family." Mother Teresa
“If you really want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Mother Teresa
I became a storyteller because I wanted to capture history from a grassroots level. In this video, I share how I felt as I watched a historical event as a child and how it sparked my desire to connect with people. As a little girl in Tennessee, I watched the 1992 beating of Rodney King and the trials that ultimately found King’s attackers totally innocent of any wrongdoing. This moment confirmed that not all are treated fairly. My youthful eyes were glued to the TV as the people of South Central Los Angelos rioted in protest of the injustice. In 1992, I began my quest to re-humanize misunderstood and marginalized people.
"The woman who masters her trade and is engaged in her work will be escorted to the front."
“The woman who masters her trade and is engaged in her work will be escorted to the front.”
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