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Did you know that constantly dealing with blended family drama can bring up your childhood trauma? Humans aren’t built to live in a constant state of fear & conflict.

Coparenting with a balanced person can be difficult BUT trying to coparent with an unbalanced, HIGH CONFLICT person can unearth old wounds and unhealed trauma. Watching your children or stepchildren have their childhoods disrupted by their own parent can cause endless frustration. My eBook is the aid to helping yourself as you simultaneously guide your children.

Heal your inner child by forgiving your parents for the times they let their pain manifest into yours.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You do NOT have to live at a reduced capacity. What if I told you there was a way for you to get the most out of life despite not being in the Brady Bunch? Well, IT IS possible! If you’re ready to get aggressive with your healing, join me for an experience that will change your life!

You’ve been kinda just dealing SO how do you heal?

Healing is a decision. It takes REAL work and dedication to not only acknowledge that you can’t do it alone but to make sure you are investing in the right tools.

I’ve created what I wish I had when I was struggling. I’m handing you the tools, all you have to do is use them!


This 37-page eBook is packed with tools, live links, tips, and resources to help you navigate the complexities of coparenting conflict.

Once your purchase your item, please check your email (and spam) to instantly download your ebook. Below are actual screenshots of what you will recieve.

Blended Family Drama and Trauma eBook
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Not ready to make the investment? Download my free checklist for a snippet! 

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Hi, I'm Naja! Founder, Naja Hall Coaching Agency

My role in my blended family honestly is NOT my most important role in life but it was ONCE responsible for 100% of my anxiety, sadness, and displeasure with my relationship. If you are ready to do a DEEPER DIVE and heal your trauma, grab the FULL 37-page version of my eBook! If you need more specialized help, click HERE to speak with one of our experienced Coaches.