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Naja is the founder of  VIPStepmom and Blended and Black. As a Certified Coach and Educator, she understands that the family is THE MOST influential entity of human development, and her work centers around helping individuals, couples, and families navigate some of life’s toughest transitions. As the host of  popular podcast, I know I’m Crazy with Naja Hall and author of the Amazon best-seller Girl, Bye! Book series, Naja’s life’s work is to teach empathy, accountability, and emotional intelligence through the art of story-telling and genuine human connections. She’s a Stepmom of 3. You can find her at and

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about me...

I’m Naja Hall. Tony’s Wife, Nate’s daughter and a sister/friend to many. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN and I have called Harlem, New York City my home since 2007. I am the founder of the largest blended family community for millennials, Blended and Black. I also founded, and my passion project Dating Debacles, which helps me stay close to my comedy writing-roots.

I earned an undergraduate degree from The University of Tennessee in Family and Consumer Sciences. I went on to attend The University of North Texas where I worked on my MBA in International Business. While in Dallas, TX I began my career as a corporate Buyer for Fortune 500 companies. One day while gazing out of my cushy office window, I noticed my colleagues, seemingly in a single filed lined, in the same dark suit, walking into a workday of monotony. It was then that I hopped on my glittery broomstick, flew away and never looked back!

If I could have one super-power, I would love to be able to teleport. That way, I could have cheese eggs, bacon and grits with my Grandma in Memphis every morning, go for a mid-day swim in Antigua, have lunch in Rome with perfect strangers and be home in time for dinner with my Husband in Manhattan.

I am always up for collaborations, fun projects and such, so feel free to shoot me an email at All inquiries will be addressed within 24 hours.