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Naja Hall Press Kit

Problem Solver | Content Creator | Entrepreneur


Courage is the greatest of all virtues because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.

-Maya Angelou


Thank you for viewing the Media Kit for Naja Hall, VIPStepmom, Blended and Black (and related endeavors).

As a Certified Family Life Educator, Naja Hall understands that the family is THE MOST influential entity of human development. Our psychological, emotional, personality and behavioral outlook stems from early relationships within our families. Considering that half of modern marriages end in divorce, 40% of kids are born to unwed mothers and 1300 new blended households are formed every day, the FAMILY dynamic is changing. In addition her life’s work, Naja Hall’s creative endeavors serve as a hub for those affected by transitions such as divorce, recoupling, remarriage and all types of familial scenarios.

Master Stepfamily Coach, Naja Hall founded Blended and Black in 2016. It is a solution-based platform dedicated to mending and blending stepfamilies. Her goal is to start conversations about broken families and bring awareness to how they affect our community. She provides families and individuals the tools by which they can learn to form a more cohesive system, free of the drama that usually surrounds divorce, separation and remarriage. Naja had a successful 2019 launch of her membership community exclusively for stepmoms called VIPStepmom.

Naja runs Blending School, hosts a popular weekly podcast, contributes written and video content and she provides a host of professional services for Blended family members. Naja has a Bachelors from the University of Tennessee in Family and Consumer Sciences. She is a Master Stepfamily Coach and a professional Life Coach.  She is an active member of the AAFCS, NCFR, and the American Bar Association.

My Online Community

We are made up of 49.8 % Women and 50.2% Men. Of the ethnic demographics we are able to identify, 68%  are Black, 25% are White and 7% are categorized as Other. 84% of our community is 25-48 years old. Our audience is mainly comprised of college-educated, married and single parents. Surprisingly, 22% are single people with no children.

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